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By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 02:46PM

Former Westlife star Shane Filan was greeted to a raptuorous reception on Sunday night (9th March) at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast on his first solo gig in the city.

Shane entertained hundreds of screaming fans with a mixture of his new solo material taken from his debut album You and Me as well as some of the classic Westlife back catalogue.

The 34-year-old was joined on the Irish pub themed stage, complete with ‘Ó’Fialáin’s bar’ by his five-piece band.

His family including wife Gillian and tthree children travelled to the gig from Sligo to support his first solo date in Northern Ireland.

Shane told the audience that he had warned his band before coming on stage about the noise that the Belfast crowds can make, and he certainly wasn’t wrong.

Tweeting after the show, Shane said: “Belfast! Wow that was the loudest ever! My ears are ringing! Shall we do it again tomorrow?”

Sunday night was the first of his two-leg Northern Irish dates before he moves on to the Olympia Theatre in Dublin on Tuesday for three nights.

Source: MidUlsterMail

By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 08:07AM

By NottmPostEG | Published: March 04, 2014 - IT’S nearly two years since Westlife said an emotional farewell to their fans and former front man Shane Filan is the first of the group to hit the road on a solo tour.

It follows the success of his 2013 album, You And Me, and his entrance on to the stage at the Royal Concert Hall was nothing short of spectacular.

The hall, packed to the rafters with fans of various ages, erupted with delirious screaming and thunderous applause.

In direct contrast to the arena-filling Westlife days, Filan had created an intimate set featuring a bar, well-worn leather couch with rugs and lamps.

The seasoned pop star proved to be an excellent showman; his voice was in amazing shape and he never missing a note or a beat.

He performed an eclectic but well-received mix of old, new and popular songs. His incredible musicality and vocal dexterity allowed for a set list that flipped easily from the country-infused storytelling songs from his album such as About You, Once, and Baby Let’s Dance, to Westlife’s classics What Makes A Man and You Raise Me Up.

The audience needed little persuasion when he invited them to perform a duet with him on his version of Flying Without Wings, and when he treated us to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines; there was a real fear for the fixtures and fittings in the ensuing audience frenzy.

Whilst Avicii’s corr Wake Me Up was a crowd pleaser, it was his encore of solo hits Everything To Me and Knee Deep In My Heart that had the audience dancing in the aisles and shouting for more.

This solo tour is a real departure from the old Westlife days, but Filan’s talent, paired with his Irish charm, will ensure this will not be a short journey.

Judging by the smiles on the faces of the fans, it is unlikely that this tour will be a one-hit wonder.

Source: Nottingham Post. Image credits: Kevin Cooper

By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 08:05AM

It's a yes from us

Published 04 March 2014: Shane Filan is currently out on the road, playing his first ever solo dates.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since we last saw him perform live – it was a Westlife farewell concert in Birmingham. Now, there are no dance routines (not a bad thing!), no stools, and no bandmates.

So has Shane got what it takes to carry a show on his own?

Well, the venue was rammed with fans of all ages, and the stage was nicely set to embrace the intimate location.

If Shane’s album was a big enough statement, his live show very much reinforces the message that Shane has moved on. Here, he performs covers of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and boy, the audience love it.

He does of course, also perform tracks from his album which if anything, sound even better live.

The fans aren’t disappointed either, because Westlife ballands “You Raise Me Up”, “What Makes A Man” and “Flying Without Wings” are all included.

Shane has the charisma, the vocal talent, and the songs to ensure his solo tour is a resounding hit.

Source: Celeb News

By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 08:01AM

By Graham Clark, Gig Correspondent

Being the lead singer of a successful boy band always means that when the group disband there is always the possibility of a successful solo career: Shane Filan was lead singer of Westlife who has just embarked on his first solo UK tour.

His audience is predictably female whose ages range from 30 to 70. His debut solo album, You and Me is easy going, inoffensive pop music with songs that he co-wrote with some of pop music's current hot writers.

The gig consists of tracks from his debut solo album but it is not long before he delves back into his career with Westlife: " Let me take you back in time" he says before he sings the Billy Joel cover that his former band had a hit with - Uptown Girl had the crowd on their feet.

The stage set is meant to resemble a Irish pub fittingly named O'Fialains, it comes complete with a bar with two chairs at the bar - "Would 2 members of the audience like me to pour them a drink at the bar tonight?" he asks. He chooses two members of the audience: a girl holding an Irish flag and another girl who is on her hen night who comes from the Yorkshire town of Keighley "never heard of it" Filan shares with the crowd. Perhaps he should film his next video on the Worth Valley Railway then he might be more familiar with the town! He sings another Westlife cover to them both - Barry Manilow's Mandy. It will probably be a night both of them never forget.

His band work well and are a capable set of musicians - they look like they are auditioning for Mumford and Sons but they fit in well with the Irish bar concept of the show. The acoustic set they perform half way through the show with Filan worked well.

He puts on a pair of sunglasses to perform a cover of Robin Thick's Blurred Lines which leads into a cover of Avicci's Wake Me Up which he does justice to the song.

He performs the Westlife cover of Flying Without Wings and You Raise Me Up -which is accompanied by a moving video that follows a lifetime relationship between a couple and the various stages of their partnership until the male dies and the female is left alone. It sounds corny but in the context of the song it works perfectly.

Filan returns for an encore that included his debut solo single, Everything To Me - the track sounding more powerful than the recorded version. "Will you have me back in Blackpool?" he asks the audience. The answer is a resounding yes. It was hard not to be won over by the atmosphere and professionalism of tonight's show and I have to admit, it was very enjoyable and just as good, if not better than some of the other big name acts I have reviewed recently.

Source: Yorkshire Times

By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 07:56AM

Having sold 50 million records and with 14 number one singles, Irish boy band Westlife became one of the top-selling groups in the UK.

Following their split in 2011, Shane Filan has been branching out, his You & Me Tour marking his first outing as a solo performer.

Ben Montague took to the stage as the opening act. While nervous at the start, the young musician quickly found his confidence, encouraged by the cheering crowd.

Although, his set could have benefitted from being a little tighter in places, what he lacked in polish he made up for with his enthusiasm. Filan’s entrance was nothing short of spectacular, his appearance on stage met with delirious screaming and thunderous applause as the audience took to their feet.

The seasoned pop star proved to be an excellent showman, performing an eclectic but well-received mix of old, new and popular songs, switching things up and keeping the show interesting, even for the non-converted. His enjoyment and affection for his fans was clear as he encouraged the crowd to join in and sing along, although he quickly discovered that there was no accounting for the colourful anarchy of excitable audience members invited up on stage, especially when they’re from Yorkshire, resulting in some very amusing moments.

Source: York Press

By Shazzy, Mar 13 2014 07:50AM

Published 01 March 2014: Shane Filan has gone from singing ballads on a stool to dancing around the stage while holding a bra, and we like this new, wilder Shane!

Shane, 34, is currently touring the UK for his You & Me tour, and during last night’s show in York a fan threw a bra onto the stage, which Shane was happy to dance around with.

Shane began his tour in Liverpool on February 20, and it will conclude in Dublin around St. Patrick’s Day. The former Westlife star has spared no expense to make sure his tour is as fantastic as it can be.

And it looks like the tour is tiring him out! Shane tweeted a picture of his band all asleep after a show, but he admits that he is enjoying it.

“Love being up on that stage!!!” tweeted Shane after his Glasgow show.

The singer, who previously toured Europe while in Westlife, is planning on ending the tour on a high note. Shane will be throwing a huge party when the tour concludes. The finale party will be a star-studded event held in Dublin, and he plans to roll out the red carpet over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend for dozens of family and friends.

Since beginning his solo venture, Shane has admitted that he has been nervous to go it alone without Westlife.

“There are a lot of fellas that come out of a boy band and most of them fail,” Shane said to the Birmingham Post. “Being in a famous band and trying to break out on your own, trying to convince people ‘Oh, I like him as well’, you have to work really hard to cross over to that.”

Furthermore, Shane said he feared he would be lonely without Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne and Mark Feehily.

“I miss the craic with the lads. This is my first time on my own and the venues are going to feel like stadiums,” he added.

Shane will play Dublin and Belfast in early March.